"In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that 
money cannot buy - to whit, the wag of a dog's tail."
Henry Wheeler Shaw (1818-1885)




Breakseas Having Fun

Breakseas Having Fun Gallery 2007

From Left: Danny, Sweep, Ginger, Chip, Roxie, Zoe, Solo, Buffy, Phoebe, Ellie, Saffy

Breakseas at the Beach

Photo by J. Jezkova jr. 

Breakseas at the Bodafon Mountain

Photo by J. Jezkova jr.   



Having a Bad Hair Day

Sadie and Wesley as youngsters
trying the Crufts Cup on for size

Our  dogs taking a turn at the Discover Dogs stand at Crufts.

There Must Be Room For Two
On Top Of The World

It Sometimes Snows At Home Too

Bailey catching a "Butty" in mid flight!

All pile in