"In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that 
money cannot buy - to whit, the wag of a dog's tail."
Henry Wheeler Shaw (1818-1885)




CH Breaksea G. I. Blues JW (Presley)
(Ch. Merrythorpe Mulberry x Breaksea Immortality)


HD 4:4

Owners: Gill Burfitt & Diane Mangnall

>Show Results<

Presley gets his 3rd CC at Midshires. He is now our 9th Champion!

Midshires Bearded Collie Club Open Show
Judge: Mrs Shelagh Walker (Douglasdale)

Junior Dog (4, 0 abs) 
1st Manghall & Burfitt’s Breaksea GI Blues. Just out of puppy, lovely blue boy. Excellent head with correct shape skull. Good pigment and eyes toning with coat. Beautiful lay of shoulder with excellent length of upper arm. Correct length to height ratio. Ribcage was good length with correct loin. Nice slope of croup. Moved really well as his construction suggested he would. 




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